Checking loft and lie
Welcome to IronWRX - a site for discerning golfers who demand the best results from their equipment. Whether it is customization, repair, or complete set build, IronWRX can provide it all. We offer a premium service that ensures your clubs will perform at their best. We always use high quality components from the world's most respected manufacturers.

One size does not fit all

The best set of clubs that you will ever own are those that have been custom fit to you. Common sense dictates that the golf manufacturers "one size fits all" approach is not conducive to the ultimate aim of all golfers - to lower your score. Common sense dictates that with a "one size fits all" approach it is impossible to cater for each and every single possible combination of shapes, sizes, age, sex, and so on, that golfers come in. Golf is about one of the only sports where we are expected to adopt a "no questions asked" approach to buying clubs, and just take what is on the shelf. In these pages we not only detail our services, but hopefully provide a little insight as to why changes have to be made.

If you can obtain the highest quality components and match them to the individual, then you will introduce more consistency, better accuracy, potentially greater distance, and this should all result in lower scores.

Our approach

As golfers too, we know how important it is that you have equipment that is high performing, instills confidence, is consistent, feels comfortable, and looks good. We are confident that is our attention to the smallest detail, and our unwavering commitment to ensuring that you are happy, that makes the IronWRX difference. On this website we meticulously detail each aspect of our services, and we do this for a number of reasons:
  • We want to ensure that you know what will happen to your clubs once in our care
  • We want you to be able to ask any questions about any aspect of the service
  • We want you to understand the technical reasoning behind any changes in plain English
  • We want a hype free zone where golfers are given the facts
At IronWRX we are committed to providing a quality service at a price that does not need to break the bank.

Catering for all levels of golfer

If you find some of the technology surrounding golf equipment confusing, but are still looking to improve your golf scores by ensuring that your equipment is better suited to you, then talk to us at IronWRX. We will be more than happy to discuss the options and explain the practical advantages, without the hype, of the technology, and how it may improve your game.

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